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Company Overview

The company was founded in Hull by Mike Aitchison who saw a need for an alternative VHP (vapour hydrogen peroxide)supplier and realised a niche to provide a further alternative system to HPV, Formaldehyde and Chlorine Dioxide.

bio decontamination Ltd is now one of the leading UK and International suppliers of VHP (vapourised hydrogen peroxide) decontamination solutions.

The company has developed a unique patented decontamination process designed specifically to remove problematic spores, fungus, bacteria and viruses through the use of IVHP (intelligent vapour hydrogen peroxide). Our range of decontaminating systems consist of mobile, manual, automatic, integral, and standalone turnkey (IVHP)dry vapour generating systems that provide safe and reliable 24/7 protection, prevention and infection control for many sectors including healthcarepharmaceutical manufacturinglife sciencesresearch laboratories andanimal welfare.
The IHPV solution is a dry, safe and biodegradable, allowing facilities and their contents to be rapidly decontaminated without the removal of sensitive equipment and with the minimum of down time and disruption. bio decontamination Ltd are committed to provide specific solutions and bespoke services.

In 2010 the company integrated into the Dortek group.

bio decontamination Ltd part of the Dortek group offer:

  • On-site consultation
  • Facility decontamination
  • Cabinet decontamination, MSC (Microbiologiocal Safety Cabinets)
  • Integrated decontamination systems
  • Decontamination equipment